Apologies for the late reply! Thanks Liesel!

I've FINALLY set up a FOTKI and I'll post my routine here instead of 3c:

1. Daily condition with 2 conditioners: DevaCare One C with castor oil then rinse...next, Nature's Gate Chamoile mixed with jojoba oil...rinse out 25% and leave the rest in

2. Squeeze out excess water and scrunch in mixture of 4 pumps of PM Round Trip + quarter-size amt of IC Fantasia Blue gel...flip head upside down and scrunch out more water with microfiber towel

3. Repeat step 2 and use paper towels instead of microfiber towel

4. Use a palmful of Curl Keeper to smooth over hair right side up and upside down then hood dry for 20 - 30 minutes

I also moisturise at night using Ebene Shea Butter lotion and DT once a week with the OneC. Just wanted to say a big THANKS to all on this hair board for helping me develop a routine!
3b/c - Thick coarse hair that doesn't like protein or shea butter. Current routine: Wen Cleansing Conditioner, Yes to Cucumbers for daily co-wash, IC Fantasia Gel (blue)/CJ Aloe Fix to style, CIAB to finish/refresh curls