hmm...I've had so many different curl days, it's frustrating. My favorite days are like in my avatar, thick and springy...with shine. I got my hair to be like that by completely ignoring all procedures and just leaving some extra conditioner in my hair after I rinsed. When I would get our of the shower...I might plop for a minute or so, but for the most part, I would just let my hair drip dry while I watched tv. And, I wouldn't wash my hair that often. If I needed to, I would put some water and conditioner in my hair.

As time went on though, I changed my perspective and did some really horrible things to my hair, like straightening it. Then I went through a long period of stress and medication...which has changed the composition. I have found that #1, straightening hair is a major no no if you intend on having luscious curls and #2, conditioner is your best friend. But that's my hair.
3a/b/c 23 inches long, thick and frizzy.
Hair routine:
Search and Destroy missions every two weeks to a month.
Co wash majority of the time with Tresemme Naturals & Suave coconut conditioner
Cold water rinse
Doo gro mega thick growth oil (Hot oil treatment)
Aussie opposites attract spray gel

Inches of growth 2010

23 (August)
23.5 (September-beginning of month)
25(October-end of month)