OK. Went to the store, hoping to get Nexxus POTAR creme and gel, but my store does not carry any POTAR products. Boo hiss.

Walked out instead with: Matrix LifTrix volume gel(yes CG friendly?), Rusk Jele Gloss, and Sebastian XTah Loose Locks creme styler. The latter two have cones, sorry.

1st experiment: Shamp and condish like normal, Control Freak like normal. Mix in a dab of CF with LifTrix. LifTrix has a totally non-sticky texture. After I applied two quarter size blobs of LifTrix, hair felt productless even though I know I had put a ton of the stuff in. Guess what? Might as well have not put anything in because my hair has never looked worse. No seriously -- not even after blow drying without product, without diffuser. Let me describe it -- first of all, I went from having FAT curls yesterday with Wired to stringy, spaghetti thin wisps. My hair at the top was totally flat. And I had NO hold -- frizz all over the place, messy ends. What a freaking nightmare!!

2nd experiment: washed out above ASAP. Reapplied CF, then layered Jele Gloss, again about 2 quarter sized amounts. My hair clumps like mad after CF application and the Jele Gloss did not counteract this when wet. Started diffusing, things looked OK. Partway through I felt my hair didn't have enough definition so when hair was 80% dry I did the unthinkable -- did twisties on a few areas -- and oh my gosh, my hair was silky and pliable and the twisties held! At about 90% dry, my curls started clump-mania2005. I smoothed, touched, scrunched, etc. and all this did was enhance the style, no frizzies. And WHOA volume -- basically however I moved my hair, it would stick. Lift at the roots? Stick. Zero crunch, very minimal frizz. I love this stuff!!! Can't say it has enough hold all alone, but I am confident that a dime sized bit of this mixed with the as-yet-not-found cream styler will work wonders. Best of all, I think the bottle is 12oz. for $11 or $12. This stuff is gonna last forever .... Rusk, you've come through yet again!
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