Finally, my PJ gel experiments have paid off. Last night I used Tigi Control Freak and a small amount of Rusk Jele Gloss. Neither of these products are CG friendly -- there are cones and I think hydrolyzed silk protein. I diffused right before bed and loved the way my hair looked. Put it up, 98% dry, in a demented pineapple.

This morning, I shook it out and said WHOA. Why I love it: my 2c canopy curls are stretched out to a good 2b. Each curl is separate and piecy, very defined, and extremely glossy. And best of all, best volume I have experienced since having chin-length hair -- and my hair is past BSL. My curls are totally oingo-sproingo and I can even touch them without frizz!

As I said in my thread on gels, Jele Gloss does need to be backed up with something with just a tiny bit more hold but I am happy with the way my hair looks. Any frizzy parts just look like good bed/beach hair.
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