I have found that oil works better on damp hair also. When mine was so dry I would wet it apply conditioner and then oil. That seemed to really help. Now I just pineapple my hair wet the bottom and apply oil. I do use a mister with a little conditioner in it now also to wet it before applying oil. I would use the mister several times during the day. In the curly girl book she suggests putting olive oil in a mister and using that.

YOu could try the lemon aid mix to get the oil out. I just CO mine and it comes out now that I pineapple and only do the ends. When I apply the oil to the scalp I use a diluted shampoo on my scalp only. I apply my first conditioner to the ends and it all comes out. I have never had a problems with any oil but EVOO coming out with just a CO wash