2) don't "stock up." There won't be a war between lunch and dinner; the car won't break down; the roads won't be closed; the refrigerator won't shut off...Don't buy huge meals when out "just in case" dinner is delayed, unavailable, not good, etc. Eat a small meal now and believe that you will have access to all you need when it's time for you to eat again. (I don't know how I fell into this trap. You'd think I grew up impoverished, part of a huge family or in a war-torn country or something...)

3) chew gum
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i had to laugh at number two, because i come from a very large family and I've always had the feeling of "if you don't eat it now it won't be there later!" and stocking up is burned into my brain just about. i've gotten better at not doing it though. i've started only buying ice cream by the pint instead of the half gallon. with three of us in one apt, that half gallon will be gone within a few days! having my own little pint makes me think 'that is just for me and no one else will take it so it will be there when i want it.'

chewing gum will do the trick too. i can't anymore though because of the beginnings of arthritis in my jaw.

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