i went CG in june and i started using a suave gel and mousse (thinking they were CG). yesterday i clarified my hair and when i went to put on my mousse i noticed an ingredient that i obviously hadn't noticed when i was buying it: dimethicone. arrrghh!! im soo mad!! where i live its SO hard to find CG stuff, especially mousse and i was so happy when i found this one and now it turns out its not CG!!! i have this other herbal essences mousse that i miraculously found in the grocery store and that one is CG, but i dont like it much. when i put the HE mousse in my hand, 2 seconds later its all liquidy and it doesnt stay foamy, something that the suave did and the foamyness of the mousse is what helps my hair clump nicely... can u guys recommend any CG mousses?