For a gift basket for a fellow 2b I would make up one of the following two baskets:

Basket 1 -
Devacurl No Poo & Low Poo
Devacurl OC
Devacurl Angell
Devacurl Set-it-free
LLL Coco Light

Basket 2-

Jessicurl HCC
Jessicurl Too Shea
Jessicurl RR
Jessicurl CCSS
Back to Nature Rosemary Mint Clean Gel

Both baskets would contain Re:coil, Suave M&H for a conditioner wash, Jessicurl WDT, ORS Lock & Twist (for second day hair), EMB clarifying shampoo for once a month, and EMB for a leave-in.

I am prone to break outs too and have not had problems with any of the above.
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Oh, good. Kimberly got here first. That saves me a lot of typing (If you guys don't knock it off, I will have to buy some of that mint gel stuff!)
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