Can everyone else relate things back to growing up? I'm curious because I can't say I was told to clean up my plate.

I got to eat what I wanted, as much as I wanted and when I wanted. Meals were home-cooked and mostly from scratched, but I could eat junk when I wanted. I am about the same now.

When I need to lose weight, I eat fewer sweets and desserts, and eat less frequently - I can eat as much as 10 times a day so I know the experts don't mean me when they say eat more frequently! A coworker commented in a meeting yesterday that I'm always eating then he brought me chocolate!
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as a child i ate fast and i still eat fast, i think. same "if you dont eat it now it will be gone later" thing. i consciously slow myself down as i've gotten older though.

my parents never let use eat alot of junk food or fast food. it was only for special occassions when we could spare the expense. now i eat out way too much and i practically live on the vending machine if i forget my lunch.

out of all of my siblings i was the only one that was certifiably "fat" as a kid, i was like 130 in grade 4. everyone else was (and still is) slender. i've slimmed down, but i'm still the weightiest one, not counting my 17 year old brother though.

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