Garnier Fructis leave-in for Curls & Waves- at first I liked it becasue it defined my curls, but it leaves this really gross white residue. Not even hours into the day, it's there immediately. It also didn't do anything for softness.

Curls Rock Curl Amplifier- makes curls look great, but very crunchy! I was dissapointed because it's expensive, and I asked this girl with the MOST beautiful hair what she used, and she said this...maybe I used too much?

Dumb Blonde Conditioner- at first I really liked it, but after a couple uses my hair was VERY dry.

Mane & Tail Conditioner- I heard raves about this, but when I used it it's as if I didn't use anything at all.
2c/3a/3b curls, tailbone length, fairy tale ends
Cleansers: V05 Co
Conditioners: KMS Everyday, Dove Dry Oil Care

DT/Treats:Aphogee Protein Treat/Hemp/Argan Oil
Leave-ins/Stylers: All HE Condish, Generic PM The Conditioner