Peanut butter on toast is a great breakfast. It is filling and nutritious.

And as an aside, I mentioned that I need to lose another 5 -8 pounds, but I never had a problem at all until I got into my very late 40's.

I think the reason more young people are overweight now is that the food environment is so different from when I was young(er!). The meal that is considered the child's meal at Mickey D's now was the only meal they offered when I was growing up. Everyone, including adults ate it and felt satisfied.

When I go to the grocery store now I see so many snack foods that didn't exist when I was young. I just saw a small box of Oreos at the store by the register to be picked up as an impulse item. Used to be you had to buy the full size package or nothing, I think these smaller packages encourage you to eat the whole thing at once.

Everyone is thrilled when they go to a restaurant the portions are large. Really people, that is not a good thing.

And all these people saying it's their genes and slow metabolism that are the problems probably don't realize how much they are eating. There were not as many fat people 25 years ago as there are now so it can't possibly be that the gene pool has changed that much. I moved to CA from the midwest 22 years ago and one the first things both I and my then husband noticed was that there were hardly any fat people here compared to the midwest, now CA is as fat as anywhere else. There is just too much food out there to choose from and it's hard to stay away from it.