A few months ago I went to a beauty college to get my hair done. I'd had good results before, but this time was a NIGHTMARE! The hairdresser had me and my poor hair crying. First she starts to go at my hair (which is probably close to 3 and a half feet long and pretty thin at the moment because of a stressful year) with a brush, and not just any brush one of the wire ones that remind me of something to use on a grill. Then when she couldn't figure out why (after me telling her what was wrong in my broken Spanish since this chick didn't speak English to not use a brush on my hair) my hair wouldn't cooperate she ran to get the manager. After the manager came they sat there an talked about my hair and it's condition like we (my hair and I) weren't even there. I finally got the manager to listen but I will never go back!

When I was in the fourth grade I went in for a trim at a REALLY expensive salon since no one seemed to be able to deal with my curls. That woman (who by the way was discussing my hair with my mom and complaining about her own short hait that just didn't seem to grow) cut off two feet of my hair. I went from having hair to my hips to having hair to my shoulder blades. I am still tramatized just thinking about it! And the worst thing is she laughed when my mom asked what the heck happened!

Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll still be among the stars.