hi everyone!!! okay i'm having some troubles here in fl here goes........ when i came here my hair was okay looking the second time i washed i got away with wearing my hair 2 days in a row without washing i was shocked and surprised i though that this was it my hair has changed!! but boy was i wrong my hair started to get a little weighted down so i went thru the cupboards of my uncles house no acv!!! or any vinger for that fact i asked my mom and she said she's not buying any because we only ave 1 week left and it doesn't make sense to buy it for only 1 use so i had 3 days later i decided to shampoo it. this shampoo had sodium m___ sulfate in it but it was all i could find so i used it. now 1 day later my hair is dry dry dry. i'm mad because i leave for the airport tommorrow and i washed it today and don't want to wash it today because i know it would only get dryer. ojon dosen't work for me unless i wash it out. can anyone help me???
I LOVE to read ReAd READ!!!!!!! password= curly.