i did my neutral henna and once again, my hair is shiny, elastic, and well-conditioned.

i use the rainbow brand that contains 4 ounces of dry henna. they recommend applying the entire 4 ounces, but using half is adequate for me because upon adding water, the product swells and thickens into a slimy paste which is ample for covering all of my hair from roots to ends. and my hair is long (a few inches below my shoulder blades in back, and to the front of my breasts in front).

my curls are defined and clump better since using this plant conditioner.

again, i do mine every 2 months, scheduling it at the time that i do my trim. (the directions recommend every 4-6 weeks, i think). my hair and scalp are very healthy.

my hair is naturally medium brown, which makes it look matte and dirty when it's actually quite clean with no buildup. the neutral henna imparts a shine to my hair that is remarkable. it adds no color at all to my hair. it doesn't even stain my hands (i use my bare hands to apply it). the only other way i could get shine like this is to put loads of grease or oil on my hair or to straighten it, which i prefer not to do just to make it look shiny.

if you have never colored your hair with henna, you may want to "practice" the application process with the neutral henna. you may decide that the shine and natural highlights that it brings out in your own hair will be satisfying enough.

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