Okay, so now I'm waiting on my hair to dry (won't be able to see the real results until tomorrow before work when its dry and I fluff it out). Upon first rinse, my hair was noticably softer! Due to the grittiness of the cassia, I thought that it would leave my hair feeling hard at first and then soft upon conditioning, so I was pleasantly suprised. My hair seemed a little fuller, but I can't be too sure yet...it also seemed much shinier. It is definitely softer...thats for sure.

It took a million rinses with Creme of Nature Shampoo to get the grit out, and then I followed up with TJ Nourish Spa and BB Curl Quenching. I then styled w/ my usual BB and Herbal Essence Body Envy. Unfortunately, I still had a minute amount of grit (little twiggy things) left that wasn't rinsed away, but hopefully it won't be that noticeable tomorrow? I'll be able to co-wash again after my workout tomorrow evening. I"ll definitely post pics tomorrow

Spiral, how often can I use the colorless henna?
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