Ive been viewing Spirals page too and shes inspired me to try the Jamila henna also! I was wondering if there is a combination to help the henna turn out more brown but i will try out the jamila first when i get the extra money (broke college student lol). Curlynikki im glad that the neutral henna worked for you!
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Talisa - adding indigo or amla will give the henna a more brown tone. But not lighter brown than your hair is. Definitely read up on the different results from indigo and amla first though.

Nikki- The frequency all depends on your hair. In fact a guy named Hairball on the HfH forum recommends doing two cassia treatments back to back to jump start the process. His hair is in amazing condition and long.

But most people seem to do cassia and henna once to twice a month. Often that has something to do with covering gray or other colored roots when using henna. I would think that starting out with every other week would be good. Then you can assess how your hair is reacting and determine in you can either step it up or cut back the frequency.

Btw, isn't the shine great! And it lasts way longer than normal conditioners. I also find that my hair is softer and silkier with each henna - so your next treatment should yield even better results. Plus Catherine guarantees that her stuff is fresh. It really does what store brand conditioners are supposed to do - give you shine, softness and strength. Btw, go easy on the oil. It imparts temporary softness, but some people find that it inhibits uptake the the tannins by coating your hair. A little bit may be fine though. You may want to experiment with it.

Oh, to get those last few bits out of my hair, I find it's good to do a light shampoo after I have almost everything out. Then I condition with a non/low protein conditioner and I'm set.
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