the shine that my hennaing imparted almost scared me! it almost looked like my daughter's baby doll's hair!
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Rainshower, that's a great description LOL. You're right, it does remind me of doll hair!

Oh yeah, I have found that my hair reacts differently to the products I use now. I seem to need less. Have you guys seen this?
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i used to have to use a quarter size amount on each of four sections of my hair after shampooing when detangling. now, i use a quarter size amount of conditioner on each side of my hair after shampooing when detangling.

even though my ends are in fantastic condition since hennaing, i still smooth a nickel size amount of jojoba oil onto them while my hair is still damp.

hennaing has become a staple in my hair care. i won't apply it any more frequently than every two months since the effects are long-lasting.

i'm glad everyone is having such great results with a natural product.

oh, and curlynikki, if you have a massage feature on your showerhead that pulses pretty hard, use that during your rinse to get those bits and grit out in addition to a conditioner with good slip. or you can try sifting your dry henna before the application to avoid the bits and grit.
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