Spiral, it just says henna...which can't be right either, because Cassia is Cassia not Henna. On the label it says Neutral Henna. I still had a good experience, and I'm sitting under the dryer doing my second treatment. I've posted pics of my hair today after the first treatment. the shine was awesome and I felt like it had a bit more body.


So I did my second treatment, rinsed and applied TJ Nourish and BB Curl Quenching. I showered, rinsed and styled. My hair is soooooooooooo soft and tangle free. I swear that the styling process took longer tonight...granted, I'm tired, but I felt like my hair was twice as thick, especially up front. I give Rainbow's Cassia 2 thumbs up, but I still can't wait to try the Cassia from hennaforhair.com.

I'll post pics again tomorrow of the results.
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