I can think of a few.

I remember when I was in a private kindergarten school and our counselor had taken us out to the yard for us to draw still life. We all sat on a bench with our drawing books and found something to draw. One girl beside me with pin straight hair, absolutely NO volume whatsoever flipped a page on her notebook and showed me a picture of a girl with very big poofy curly hair. She said, "I drew you and your nasty hair!"

I cryed all day after that. I remember when I was going to a new private school 4th grade and I had pulled my hair back in a ponytail. When I had found my teacher and sat down at class a girl behind me took out my ponytail and cut a big peice of my hair off. She said, "I hate your hair." Of course she got in trouble but it hurt.

One time that stuck with me till this day was when, I was finishing some homework and I was getting ready to pull my hair back and my brother said "Don't bother." I looked at him confused and he replied with "It doesn't matter what you do with hair, it ALWAYS looks frizzy and ugly. Kids at school say i'm the nasty girl's brother all because of your hair! It's all your fault. I wish you would die."

It hurt me a lot. Of course my brother was having trouble with teasing too because of my hair but I felt ugly unloved and unwanted.

But recently I love my hair to death! And when people say 'i cant see because of your hair' i say thanks and think of it as a compliment like saying your hair is so wild, big and volumized i cant see past the shiny curls.

I still get the odd comment that hurts me a little, but once I appreciate my hair i get 30 more comments that make me feel beautiful. I love the straighties that always tell me im lucky and they'd give anything at all to have my curls.

Because I know if I lost my curls, i'd be devastated.
Too curly for you!

I'm a 3a/3b
Dark dark dark dark black hair
Just below shoulders and growing it out!!