Hello ladies,

I wish i would have veiwed this info 2 weeks ago! After about 5 years of no hair color I conceded to a semi perment natural black color from dark and lovely. Had I known about this product I would have opted for this product! Nevertheless I'm interested in the Cassia neutral henna.

Curlynikki your hair came out beautiful ( not that it wasn't before) with the Cassia. Spiral-nc girl your my hair idol!

Curlynikki, Spiral-nc, Rainshower please let me ask you all a few questions since you have exprience with the product.

First, Do you think I could use this product since I just colored my hair with a chemical? Then if not, how long do you think I should wait before useing it ? My ultimate goal would be for me to just use henna for color, and cassia for conditon & shine. With that said if it's okay to use the Cassia How long do you think I should wait before I may use the henna for color?

I could kick myself for not researching products before coloring. I used this color and it has just a muted tone w/no shine. The box said it should wash out eventually.

Please let me thank you all in advance for your time and effort. I'd appreaciate any advice that you can give.

God Bless
Cece, 2 Blessed 2 B Stressed!
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