Dmarie, I put the mix in the bowl, then added boiling water while stirring to get it to a yougurt type consitency. I then put in a table spoon of oil and 2 table spoons of honey. I didn't do exact measurements w/ the water...just winged it.

I've never seen the Light Mountain in stores but after browsing the board Spiral rec'ed, I came to the conclusion that Rainbow and Light Mountain are pretty much the same thing. Like Spiral said, avoid the ones that are NOT red or colorless, because there are other ingredients in these that may not be listed. The red should be fine...I'm sure Spiral will chime in...I hope

In other news, I posted pics of my bodiful hair after the 2nd Cassia treatment. Like I said, my hair is super shrinky, but it feels and looks a little bigger.
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