Okay, so I am just starting to do toning exercises. I've been doing 20 minutes of Pilates on a fairly regular basis for about 3 weeks. I also do pushups (about 3 sets of 10), but not on a regular basis. When I first started the Pilates, I was always sore the next day, but now I'm not anymore. The thing is, I still struggle with a lot of the exercises and I also feel my muscles get very fatigued when I'm doing them. As for the pushups, I started off with such a light set because I have never done them on a regular basis, and I do feel tired when I do them. Again, though, I'm never sore.

Is that a bad thing? Does that mean that I'm not doing enough and need to do more? Or is being sore a bad thing? Anyone who can clear this up for me would be really helping me out. I'm kind of confused about this.