Wysiwig, glad you have a routine that works. I looked at your photos and I bet you can get 2nd day hair with that combo.

I've been using the PM Round Trip over Alagio Crazy Curl (with a leave-in condish or cream) and like it a lot. On wrung-out wet hair I use a creamy leave-in (Knot Today or Sheamoisture or something), then the Alagio, and then I plop for 5 minutes or so with a t-shirt or microfiber towel. After plopping I apply the PM, then scrunch a very thin film of castor oil on ends. I love its consistency and it really does hold. With the plopping etc. I cut off 10 minutes of total dry time. Hair is dry in 1/2 hour instead of 40-45 minutes.
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