Alright so it has been raining all day and I am yet to find a product that works in normal weather, let alone rain. So in my frustrations, today in the shower I used more conditioner than I ever have, almost a handful and didn't wash it out. I then topped it off with some garnier fructis curl and shine leave in. I was very upset and crazy as it sounds I was almost daring my hair to misbehave by smothering it with so much conditioning stuff. I then walked to class in the pouring rain and haven't looked in a mirror till a minute ago....and my hair has not looked this good in a LONG time! and this is after walking through the pouring rain. So it may not be a daily basis kind of thing but perhaps hope that the right answer could be right in front of us!
Sorry for the long post, just had to share!

I don't know how to post photos but i put two from today in my fotki. My hair in no way looks perfect, but for me this is a good hair day.[/img]