You're so beautiful and your curls look great! so shiny....

L'Oreal nutri gloss conditioner for medium to long hair that's curly/wavy is about $5 for 13 oz. It's CG and it has palm oil and a little jojoba oil. As for proteins, it has conchiolin protein, but it's the second to last ingredient on the list way, way past preservatives, so I doubt it could affect your hair for good or bad.

The ingredients listed here are the same on my bottle.

ETA: Wait, you walked through the rain with no umbrella???? B/c if you did I could see the acidity helping your hair. The natural pH of rain is like 5.5 with true acid rain's pH being even lower.... and aren't we always talking about lemon and acv rinses being so good for our curls.....

OK, I'm adding "walk in the rain" to my morning routine.....
2A/3A, high porosity, fine, normal elasticity.
Shampoo Bar: Dr. Bronner's Baby Bar
Condish: KBB Milk/Mop Top/TJ Nourish
Leave-In: See Above!
Curl Enhancer: KCCC/BB Gelee
Hold: Fuzzy Duck(med)/BRHG(strong)
2nd Day Hair: FOTE + Dab BRHG

Loving BB Gelee right now
my hair likes: protein, light gels/sprays
Fotki: pw=curly