Wow, I'm shocked at the curly hair backlash you guys have suffered from adults.

Really the only thing I can remember is from back in preschool, when this girl told me that she could run her fingers through her hair, and I couldn't. But, y'know, 5-year-olds. Also, I hated my hair when I was that age. Curly hair is not fun when you're wee, is it?

Oh, there was one other time. A woman I knew before I cut my hair (I always kept my hair braided when it was long), mentioned that afterward, I "looked like Shirley Temple." A mild insult, I thought, because she followed it up by saying she liked it.

Take heart, though, because I've gotten so many more compliments. When I cut my hair off (it was down to the small of my back, then I cut it off and donated it), the woman sitting next to me told her stylist "Can I have hair like that?" and pointed at me. In jest, of course, but it was nice and flattering.