As some of you may have seen, my hair is half permed and half natural... Or may be 3/4 perm and 1/4 natural. Anyway, my roots are straight but when my hair grows it always turns 'frizzy' as the ends if I naturally dry my hair with no product and I usually used to brush my hair aswell. I always classed myself as a damaged straight-haired-person. Hmmm... I know I cannot tell what my natural hair is like until it grows outs. Here are a couple of pictures when I have straightened my hair but the ends have got blow and/or wet.
I used to also class my hair as 'kinky' but the kinky hair on Google's image results definitely isn't my idea of kinky!

These are from over a year ago...

Please bare in mind, my hair was straightened with straightening irons and then hairsprayed and then ironed again *cringe*.