Hi everybody.
Thanks to the info on this forum, I've been transitioning from chemically straightened hair to my natural 2b-ish hair.

Someone suggested I do roller sets to "safely" (no heat) cover up the transition period, because right now half of it is straight & frizzy while the roots are wavy. Problem is, my hair is VERY thick. Very, very, very thick. So when I put rollers in them, I ended up looking like a poodle! It was just too ringlet-y and there was WAY too much volume at the top.

So here's my question: Is there any way to get a more natural, wavy look with roller sets? Or...does anyone have tips for an alternative style that I can use? I know about braids, but I can't braid to save my life--and my hair is in layers of different lengths, which makes it even harder to do.