After another great experience w/ Cassia tonight, I've decided to bite the bullet and try henna

I've Cassia'd 4 (or 5) times now, and I've tried different mixes. The best so far has been cassia/warm water/1.5 tablespoon of EVOO/2 tablespoons of honey. I left this mix in today for 5 hours and rinsed to reveal soft, defined, heavy hair!

I've been on the all night reading (I know right...what an exciting Friday evening) about henna and its conditioning effects and I bought some BAQ from

If it gets here next week, I'll use it on Thursday and keep you guys updated w/ results.


What should my henna mix consist of? Or, what have you had the most success with? My Cassia seems to go on easier and wash out easier w/ honey and EVOO in the mix (plus it yields much more moisture). Could i add a little conditioner to the henna?

I'm thinking: ACV, water, honey, (conditioner?)

When I'm preparing the mix (ACV (cut w/ water), and henna)) do I add in the other ingredients (i.e., honey, conditioner) at this time or after the dye has released? From reading posts, I believe the answer is after the dye has released...

Thanks a million!!
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