My routine is anything but routine!
This week I have been playing around a lot with all the products I have acquired.
Today I washed w/ TBS Honey poo , honey rinsed and condished w/ Too Shea. Rinse upside down leaving quite abit of the condish in. Scrunch the extra water out of my hair . Combed in Ck. Plopped in MF towel for 20ish min and scrunched in Biolage gelee. The results were no frizz but definitely lacking in curl dfinition . I would do this again if I wanted to go more wavy for a day.

Yesterday and the day before I washed w/ No poo did a honey rinse and conditioned the ends w/ Aloeba. Rinse upside down leaving quite a bit of the condish in. Scrunched the extra water out of my hair . Plopped into a MF towel no products. This led to amazing hair for me! I had tons of curl defintion. My hair was more spirally and bouncy than I had ever seen it. But it had some frizz. I think this could be the beginning of a very happy head of curls if I could just find a gel I like !
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