today in the shower I used more conditioner than I ever have, almost a handful and didn't wash it out. I then topped it off with some garnier fructis curl and shine leave in. I.[/img]
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Other than GF what other products do you use ?

YOUR HAIR IS GREAT !!!! maybe it was the over use that helped - I think sometimes us curlies fear not weighing down our hair and dont condition enough so in your "moment of crazy" of putting lots of conditioner was maybe the very thing your hair needed.

Alas, I too I am trying to give up my PRODUCT JUNKIE ways - well I am now forced to !!
Suave Coconut Conditioner for Co-Wash (looking for replacement ) Mixed Checks Leave In for my daily 3B/C - Looking to change some things up after almost 10 years, ya I know, I know