I'm henna-ing my hair as I type.

I used light mountain natural in neutral. I didn't use distilled water like in the instructions, but I did boil the water first. Added a little less than 2 cups of water and 2 tbs of ACV with the mother. Maybe about 1/2 cup of honey.

I forgot to detangle my hair first, which made applying a major pain.

Results to follow....
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Webjockey, I look forward to seeing your results .

For future reference, you don't need to use ACV with "neutral henna". It's actually a plant called Cassia Obovata, and it just requires warm water and , if you like, a bit of honey for smoothness.

The ACV is for the normal henna plant "Lawsonia inermis". The acid in the ACV releases the red dye.
spirals, kinks, s-shapes and coils.


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