Gosh lemme see -I have so many but a few I have to look back at and laugh.

Here's one: I use to do dual living (live in 2 countries) anyway one spring I chopped off my hair and I was in Miami for summer. I decided I needed the ends trimmed because it was growing out. Went to a stylist my aunt recommended - well when i was in the salon she said " what are you trying to do"
I was like " just the ends please, I am growing it out"
she then said " honey, your type of hair wont grow long so we should just put the clippers to it "

OMG I was sooo shocked. I couldnt even say anything, I got up and left.

I went back almost a year later, saw the same woman (obviously she had forgotten me) in the same salon. By this time my hair was like chin length - almost shoulder touching. My name came up, she glanced at me and said "we dont cut weaves"
Then I had to "educate her "...not like there is anything wrong if you have a weave but this woman was obviously ignorant ...
I reminded her of my initial visit and showed her had I listened to her I would have had short hair if I didnt know any better - I had to put her in her place and it was not pretty or soft spoken - that was one of the few times in my life I ever caused a scene !!!!
Hyper Sensitive to many things !!!
2017 Routine: Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Cond as co-wash; 365 Fragrance Free Shampoo; Aloe Vera Juice , Water and Apricot Seed Oil as leave in. When all else fails, I run back to KCKT and KCCC Shampoo weekly - co-wash every 2/3/4 days - just depends