I agree wit Who Me and Spiderlashes that it's a matter of making having a good diet a priority, not an after thought. You should plan your meals ahead of time, and not feel any old junk will do all the time. Once in a while is fine.

I think being health-consicious and vain help as well.
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Well, it's only been 6 weeks for me, so I'm not an expert, but what these ladies have said is what is motivating me right now - my own desire to get control over an area where I know I can have control right now, health and fitness. Since I've made it a priority, it is just what I do - get up in the morning by 5:30 and go to the track. It is fun because I like to walk, I like to think, and I love looking around at all the trees, mountains, flowers, etc., and seeing the sun come up. In the afternoons, it is just what I do. It is a part of my routine, not something I am adding to my day.

I'll let you know at Christmas if I've stuck to it, but I feel like I've made a shift in my thinking and my priorities, and I want to look really good next time I go home.
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