So I have a special party to go to tonight I am going to blow out my hair for a change. I haven't done this in months but I like the look on peoples faces when they see change......especially my fiance. I think he prefers me with straight hair!
Anyways.................I will post pics before I go out because I am now obsessed with posting pics! If I'm feeling funny, I will even post pics from when I get home from the party to show you all the poofy mess it has become from being outside. HEHE!

ETA: Straight hair pics. I think curly looks better. Plus, my roots are more visible when my hair is straight and I'm gonna have to do a good DT to get some moisture into my dry ends.
Starting my curly resolution! 3a/3b with some waves thrown in. Haven't been CG in a while. Need product suggestions.