No way! The thing I love about my hair is that it is so versatile. I can blow it straight (I can even get it straighter than my hairdresser can) or have it curly. I honestly prefer it curly, although I love the FEEL of my hair when it is straight (I cannot keep my hands off of it.) There is a certain ease that does come w/ straight hair. Brush it and leave. My dd's hair is PERFECTLY straight. She can go to sleep with it soaking wet and it is perfectly smooth in the morning. BUT, I can't do very much to her hair. She is always asking me to make it curly, but it simply won't hold a curl (I've tried w/ a curling iron, not that i really know what i'm doing w/ one of those things )

My hair is unique and I get SO MANY people telling me how cool it is..........even strangers........I get asked so many questions about it......

I've always embraced my curls! I went to high school smack dab in the middle of the 80's, when big hair was well, big! I fit in perfectly and didn't have to pay $$$$ for a perm like all my friends Now had I gone to high school in the 90's when stick straight hair was the thing, I think maybe I would feel differently.
3a/b fine but lots of it!
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My 6 y/o dd drew it!