I find that if I don't have the wet look, it looks frizzy. I try and experiment to get it in the middle, not frizzy and not crunchy.

I was in very humid weather last week in the outer banks and my hair looked awsome. what I style with is Jessicurl RR ( a creme) and then layer on top with a little bit of Aura hypo=allergenic styling gel ( same as Ouidad CC) and mix a tiny bit of ABBA weightless gel. I find that the weightless gel makes my hair cunchy but it also prevents frizz so I just use a tiny bit. I squish all of this into my hair when it is very wet. I have been doing this all summer and it seems to work well. Forget straightening- I did that one summer and the second I was out in the humididty- it was a poofy mess.
2c- 3a hair, fine-texture, currently highlighted red, lowlight dark brown.
. Looking for long, chunky , flowing waves
Currenty favorites: AG recoil and Abba Weightless gel, Eluecence condish, jessicurl RR