I'm henna-ing my hair as I type.

I used light mountain natural in neutral. I didn't use distilled water like in the instructions, but I did boil the water first. Added a little less than 2 cups of water and 2 tbs of ACV with the mother. Maybe about 1/2 cup of honey.

I forgot to detangle my hair first, which made applying a major pain.

Results to follow....
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Webjockey, I look forward to seeing your results .

For future reference, you don't need to use ACV with "neutral henna". It's actually a plant called Cassia Obovata, and it just requires warm water and , if you like, a bit of honey for smoothness.

The ACV is for the normal henna plant "Lawsonia inermis". The acid in the ACV releases the red dye.
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forgot to report back.

All I have to say is detangle detangle detangle before doing this. I ripped out so much hair after rinsing this stuff out. My hair is naturally shedding alot because of post-partum stuff, but dayum.

I don't have the high shine some other folks reported, but it does feel "healthier" and my curls are more sproingy. On my 4b parts, it just doesnt look as dull but no curls magically popped up in those areas.

Will I do it again? Sure? But I'll detangle first