Ok, for those of you who use cassia, what kinds of styling produts do you use in your hair in between treatments? Do you still deep condtion after washing or do you just wash and condtion? If you don't condtion your hair before the treatment, how do you detangle your hair? How long do you recommend leaving the cassia in your hair? I've heard from 1 hour to 6 hours. TIA!

I hope your order gets there soon....that must be incredibly frustrating

Anyway, to answer your questions:

-I use the BB line and Herbal Essence Body Envy gel in between treatments

-I deep condition (leave-in BB Curl Quenching, apply plastic cap and sit under bonnet dryer for 20 minutes or so). OH, and I don't use shampoo to rinse it out...just a LOT of cheapie conditioner

-I condition my hair before the treatment w/ a cheapie conditioner (that contains very few, if any oils). I detangle in sections, rinse, wring and then apply cassia/henna. This makes for easy application and easy rinsing.

-I've left it in from 1hr-6hrs. I don't think it matters...you're not waiting for color, but i figure that it can't hurt to leave it on longer. If you use heat, you can definitely leave it on for a shorter period of time.

I'm still waiting inpatiently for my henna to arrive!!!!! If it gets here this week, I'll do it Friday or Saturday
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