Thanks for the help and kind words. I wish my hair still looked like the pictures but stress has taken its toll. I'll give the vitamins a try. After 3 weeks on the UltraHair Nourish and Nioxin, I'm not noticing anything BUT it's only been 3 weeks. I think I'll finish the month and try your regiman. Please keep posting or PM me with your thoughts and results.
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You got it!! I will do! And good luck! The regimen could only help, even if we don't see AMAZING results. We are still providing our bodies what they need and it is actually something healthy we are doing for it, for once!

3C s-curls, coils, and corkscrews

TIGI MM, QB AOHC, KCCC, MJ CM, MJ BBC, JC WDT, CD HM, CD MHH, DC OneC, Veg Glyc, and Jojoba oil.