Careful with the honey meghan on your final cold honey rinse. I made the mistake of using too much and my hair was AWFUL! I used probably 2 tbs in my water bottle (20 oz). My hair was sooooo sticky and crunchy, heck, it was almost solid it was so crunchy. I gathered it into a ponytail and the curls just stuck straight out, no movement AT ALL. It's kind of funny now but I never would have gone out with my hair like that.

Just a warning... I hope your experiment goes well!! Simplicity is so much easier!
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Just wanted to say, I could've been the one writing this! I have done this before, and my curls looked like something out of a wax museum. Now, I just mix the honey with my conditioner and have not yet been brave enough to make another attempt at the honey rinse.

Can you guys help me refine my technique a bit? You guys all have such stunning hair, and I want to have stunning hair too. What honey-to-water proportion do you guys use?
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