the only time i had the sticky thing was when i tried adding it to my styling gel...i think i got a little over zealous.
i think lush is right on talking about the brand/type of honey you use. i tried the honeybear honey from my grocery store and now i'm using honey from trader joes (natural/organic/nothing added) and it makes a huge difference. no stickiness at all!
for my cold rinse, i was worried the honey wouldn't dissolve, so i put 1-2 tbs of honey in the bottom of a huge cup, added a smidge of hot water, swirled it around until it dissolved, and then added the cold water.
i actually was worried i rinsed out too much of my conditioner, so i scrunched in a dime of conditioner with a half dime of honey, just to be sure i was covered!
i'm doing the routine adding the B&A on the top layer today. oh! and we found our camera and cord, so i'll try to post pictures! (but only if it looks nice! )
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....