With the Puerto Rican Culture, I love the music, the food, the vibrant colors. As far as the colors go, you go into an older Puerto Rican persons house and you'll see all these colors. Yellow, pinks, baby blue. My apartment is totally like that. I also like the closeness of some families. It's like that village mentality. My aunt Zaida could come give me a talking to if she hears something I've supposedly done and I would be expected to give an explanation. I guess while It's one of the thing I like it also can be seen as one of the things I hate. Everyone knows your busniess and feels they have a right to vote on your life. Another thing I hate is the machismo, A woman could have 10x the amount of responsibility her husband does at work and yet at home she is expected to treat him like a king. There is also the mentality of daughters needing to learn how to cook, clean and take care of a family. While the son gets to go out and learn how to be a man. If that meant go out and work, it would be fine. But it means he is free to go and hang out with his friends while his sister has to wash his clothes and cook his dinner. I've heard someone I know say it. El hombre es de la calle, la mujer de la casa. Meaning the man is of the streets, while the woman is of the house. Which I think is total B.S.

Obviously not all Puerto Ricans are the same but these are just things that bug me.
Location: Chicago


"If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything."
Malcolm X