Yeah, it really doesn't give a hard crunch. It's more of a pliable soft crunch, for lack of a better description. When it dries & after it's scrunched out, very easily I might add, it leaves no flakes, no dryness, no shell. It's a great curl-forming & great hold gel.

I just have a bad habit of thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence & end up trying something new, but going back to my holy grail, the Fx Special Effects.
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Have they changed the formula on FX Curls Up? I have a very old (I mean really old very large) bottle and it doesn't have cones. Since I've gone CG and actually read the contents, I noticed that the Curls Up they are now selling have cones?

Lazy Loops, I didn't recognize you with your new Avatar!
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Yeah, that's me.

Anyhow, the Fx gel I have contains no silicones, no paraffin, no beeswax, no protein, no mineral oil & no drying alcohol. For as long as I've been using it, it's been in an 8 oz orange-gold bottle with purple & silver cap.

It's this one:

I stole the picture from here:

But their ingredients, past FD&C Blue #1 are incorrect. It does not contain:
Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7, Purified Water Aqua, Chamomile Extract, Fragrance Parfum
to my knowledge, unless the formula was changed within the last several months & other Fx users on the board never said anything.

ETA: I went to the maker's website (Vogue International) & the one I have is still made, though the ingredients aren't listed, so I hope it's the same one. There are other gels that are new to me. Check 'em out.