Bad transaction with Rastacurl Revisited My checks were cashed but I've never received anything. My PM's are also unopened. She previously used The Sakkah Project. She seems to change names.

Beware of someone who lives in Brooklyn and complains their Paypal was suspended 9 months ago!. If you PM, I will provide her name and address.

I will also happily edit if I ever receive the products.
Originally Posted by icequeen
Yes, this same thing happened to me. The check was cashed several weeks ago; and, still no product or further communication. I am aware that people believe that she has been banned from here; and, I am chalking this up as a lesson learned. I have had so many wonderful swaps with so many wonderful curlies that this just makes me even more grateful for the rest of you guys.

I am also willing to remove and/or update this post should I receive the product. I understand that life happens and things come up that might be out of someones control; but, I also wanted everyone to know how this transaction has proceeded thus far, so, others may make well informed swapping decisions.