I have seen two FX bottles. One I know has SD 40 Alcohol as the first ingredient. The other, I think, has a cone. I know because I looked at both and put both back on the shelf. I just can't remember what products they were.
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Stop the presses!

I remember wanting to take Walgreen's up on a BOGO offer for this gel. I had to return one to the store for an exchange because it contained silicones & a drying alcohol. It was a different shape bottle (more round) with a different spout (ribbed cone). I think it was a really old bottle that wasn't ever switched out. I haven't seen one like it since.

I've noticed Walgreen's has a habit of selling old stuff, things that should have been pulled from the shelves when new/reformulated things replaced them. In fact, they're still selling Suave Professionals conditioner for curls (green bottle). It was reformulated to INCLUDE cyclopentasiloxane.
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The bottles of FX that I saw were at WalMart -- today!