Thank you both! We're having a boy! Terribly excited and anxious, at least to see who he looks like. For some reason, I always expected a girl first, so I am just learning about little boys and what it means to parent one. I'm sure it's not that much different, probably just my own preconceived notions/stereotypes of having a boy vs. having a girl.
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I'm sure your SO is soooo excited about a boy
Seeing as how its perceived to be harder to raise girls (I wouldn't have wanted to raise me, lol), I think I'd love to have boys. I'm so excited for you and I wish you the best!
My co-worker and friend is pregnant with her first and she won't find out the sex until next week. Her last name is Capps, so we've been coming up with cool names:

Hubb Capps
Bottle Capps
Knee Capps
Ice Capps
ALL CAPPS (my personal fav)

LOL, let me know if you want help with names
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