My ex bought me that for valentine's day! lol. Man we've got too much in friggin common over here in the 4a forum. Off topic completely, but have ya'll noticed that?

Okay okay, so I've been doing some investigating and i've decided when I buy my henna it's gonna come from FNWL. I read about it over at LHCF and alot of the people have used both the henna from mehandi and FNWL and not noticed a substantial difference. I bet the dye content is way higher from Catherine's but since I'm not trying to really dye my hair I don't mind. It all comes down to the fundage lol.

I'm going home wednesday for my fall break which is when I'll probably be buying my arsenal of new hair care.

1. GNC Nourish-hair
2. Omega 3 supplements
2. A new denman (I left mine at my dad's house and my stepmom's probably cursed it...won't be using that one again)
4. Fantasia IC gel. (Decided to stick with this, can't use ecostyler since it's a protein gel and I won't be using anything protein laden since I'll be doing the Aphogee treatments and henna).
5. Some banana clips
6. Maybe some magnetic rollers (for when I do my blowout)

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I'm only bunning my hair now...I pick in it too much so I've decided to implement some self discipline/ punishment. lol. And another thing AO HR is my sh*t now. If you haven't tried it, try it. It's the truth. lol.

Thick coarse 3c/4a prone to dryness.
Aphogee 2 Step treatment
Generic Biolage Conditioning Balm
Tigi MM Conditioner
Creme of Nature Shampoo for dry hair
Denman D3
Giovanni Direct Leave-in
SheaMoisture Leave-in

"Make it work!"- Tim Gunn