Has this ever happened to you, get a hari cut, it all voulme and thicker and then no curls and then you wonder is it the cut becuase your told a certain cut will cut out curls, it looked a bit like a posh spice bob cut when straightened a look if would never get, i don't think bobs work on curly hair anyway then i was told it was becuase of the pill becuase i haven;t gained weight so the hormone imblanace came out in my hair.

What is the truth? are my curls gone for good, all help greatly appreciated. i have now become obsessed with my curls and before i did think i'd love to hari poker straight hair, then i preferred curls and then i was happy i could go straight for a night out for a change, so be careful what you wish for.

Sorry i am blabbing on.
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Sorry but are you sure you're from Ireland? Did you mean India or Indonesia or something?