Guess what I found out and am doing tomorrow? I found an Indian store, called them up and they have Jamila Henna! So I'm going there tomorrow to pick some up. I really hope it's not expensive that'd make me so sad.
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Yay! I'm so excited for you. When will you have time to apply?

ETA: Guys, I've been having good hair days, everyday! Geesh...i'm getting the itch and my next scheduled henna'ing ain't until Friday night. Today, one of my co-workers told me it looked like I had on a wig When I looked at her puzzled, she was like...its a good thing, lol, your hair looks different and I like it. My curls are much more 'clumpy' and the shine is pretty darn ridiculous... I guess it is a different head of hair
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Dammit Curlynikki, just when I think your hair couldn't get anymore beautiful you keep proving me wrong!! No wonder you keep getting compliments! I can't wait until my hair gets longer so I can really work it Anyway just wanted to give you a shout out since I saw your new avatar...
Lovin' my curly corkscrews!
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